Blood, Lust & Persecution

Dickson College, Semester 2, 2012

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Blood, Lust & Persecution on Clio

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Week 1 (23 - 27 July)

Monday: Introduction and family tree of the Yorkists & Lancastrians given out.

Wednesday: Map of Tudor England given out. Discussion of bias of sources. Began reading from article about Wars of the Roses.

Thursday: reading as above. Unit outline given out.

Week 2 (30 July - 3 August)

Monday: Why study Shakespeare in a history class? Excerpts from Richard III given out and reading began.

Wednesday: Discussion about dramatic devices used by Shakespeare in general and in the play Richard III.
Watched documentary David Starkey's Crown Imperial. Questions to aid viewing given out.
Thursday : We went over the questions and answers to above. The siginficance of Richard, Duke of York was explained.

Week 3 (6 - 10 August)

Monday: We finished watching the documentary Crown Imperial. We began reading Caroline Halsted's article : Richard III as duke of Glooucester and king of England.

Wednesday: We looked at the errors in Shakespeare's play Richard III and made a table of this. We spoke of bias in historical sources again. We read James Fleming's essay "To what extent is the Shakesperean protrayal of Richard the Third distorted?"

Thursday: Jeremy Potter's article : The Princes: A Dolorous End give out.

Week 4 (13 - 17 August)

Monday: Discussion of Jeremy Potter's article. Begin on Henry VII.

Looked at Jeremy Potter's article for possible suspects in the murder of the Two Princes.
Second lesson we began reading about Henry VII from the handout given on Monday.
Thursday: Moderation Day (no classes)

Week 5 (20 - 24 August)

Monday: Reading & revision for test.

Wednesday: Test

Thursday: Discussion of article on racism

Week 6 (27 - 31 August)

Monday: Continue with reading and questions/discussions about Henry Tudor.

Wednesday: Readings continue.

Thursday: Readings continue.

Week 7 (3 - 7 September)

Monday: Readings and discussion about Henry VIII all week.



Thursday: Year 11 AST Trial. Class as per normal for Year 12 students and A students

Week 8 (10 - 14 September)

Monday: Oral Presentations this week.

Wednesday: as above. Reading in booklet of Henry VIII & Wolsey's relationship

Thursday: as above

Week 9 (17 - 21 September)

Monday: Henry VIII & Wolsey

Wednesday: Continuation of above- discussed Henry's relationship with Wolsey, & later on with Cromwell ; & the break with Rome- what were the reasons?

Thursday: Conclusion of discussion.

Parent-Teacher Evening, Thursday 20th of September, Dickson College Hall

Week 10 (24 - 28 September)

Monday: Edward VI

Wednesday: Read an interpretation about Edward VI and his reign; Lady Jane Grey's 9 days on the throne- what was it all about?


Teaching break: October 1 - October 12

Week 11 (15 - 19 October)

Monday: Began reading the letters/speeches of Elizabeth I.
Wednesday: as above

Thursday: as above.

Week 12 (22 - 26 October)

Monday: Read Elizabeth I speeches.

Wednesday: Completed the readings booklet.

Thursday: Watched documentary about Elizabeth & discussion.

Week 13 (29 October - 2 November)

Monday:We did an exercise using primary source documents.

Wednesday: Lesson One- as above; Lesson Two- discussion in class of Elizabethan Poor Laws.

Thursday: Poor Laws continued.

Week 14 (5 - 9 November)

Monday: I was absent- No lesson

Wednesday: We finished the Poor Laws, and I put up some notes about Philip II and how Elizabethan propaganda concerning the Spanish Armada. The second lesson we watched a documentary about the Spanish Armada (Battlefield Britain)

Thursday: We finished watching the documentary.

Week 15 (12 - 16 November)

Monday: viewing of film about Elizabeth.

Wednesday: as above.

Thursday: Documents for document test given out.
Test will be on Thursday 22 Nov. , from 9-11 am in our classroom, N31.

Week 16 (19 - 23 November)


Wednesday: Cross-line testing begins.