Athens to Alexander


Welcome to the CLIO resource site for students and teachers of "Athens to Alexander", a semester unit of study accredited by the Board of Senior Secondary Studies of the Australian Capital Territory. The material below is a recommended programme of study which provides an integrated approach to the material of the Unit curriculum. Teachers of this unit are welcome to use the suggested programme as it is, or to make use of whatever elements that seem appropriate.

Topic One: The Geography and Chronology of Classical Greece.
Topic Two: Herodotos, 'father of history' and the Persian Wars.
Topic Three: The Golden Age of Athens.
Topic Four: Thucydides and the Peloponnesian Wars.
Topic Five: Xenophon and the aftermath of war.
Topic Six: The rise of Macedon.

Athens to Alexander Essays on Clio
Unit Curriculum

Advice to Teachers

Geography of Classical Greece

Chronology of Classical Greece

Greece after the Persian Wars:
The history, art, literature and society
of the fifth century BC.
Athens: from League to Empire
Development of democracy at Athens
Relations between Athens and Sparta
Peloponnesian War
Spartan and Theban leadership of Greece

The Rise of Macedon and Alexander:
The history, art, literature and society
of the fourth century BC.

Art & Architecture


Social History


Unit Bibliography

The Persian Wars
Frazer Brown

The Graeco-Persian Wars Compared
James Batchelor

The Greek Victory at Marathon
Emily Hood

The Nature of Athenian Democracy
Nick Ewbank

Slavery in Ancient Greece
Ursula Cliff

The Origins of the Peloponnesian War
Robert Joseph

Landscape and Destiny in Asia Minor
Frazer Brown

Alexander's Macedonian Army
Lachlan McColl

Athens to Alexander
Dickson College, Semester 2, 2011

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