Essay Contents

Ancient | Early Medieval | Medieval | Renaissance | Modern | Contemporary

Ancient The World of Gilgamesh;
Hammurabi's Code;
Minoan Religion and the Ancient Greeks;
Did King David Exist?
The Persian Wars;
The Graeco-Persian Wars Compared;
The Greek Victory at Marathon;
The Nature of Athenian Democracy;
Plato's Critique of Democracy;
Slavery in Ancient Greece;
The Treatment of Athenian Slaves;
The Delian League and the Athenian Empire;
The Origins of the Peloponnesian War
Landscape and Destiny in Asia Minor
The Etruscans;
Identifying the Etruscans;
Alexander's Macedonian Army;
Roman Motives in the First Punic War
The Romans and the First Punic War;
The Birth of the Roman Navy;
The Genius of Hannibal;
The Military Reforms of Caius Marius;
Sulla and Marius;
The Roman Theatre;
The Assassination of Caesar;
The Achievements of Augustus Caesar;
Augustus and Propaganda;
Interview on 'Augustus and Propaganda';
Pliny the Governor and Pliny the Writer
How the 'Jesus cult' Captured the Roman state;
On the Question of Constantine's Conversion to Christianity;

Early MedievalMedieval fantasy and the Tolkien touch;
The real King Arthur;
King Arthur in history and legend;
The execution of Boethius;
Justinian and the Roman Empire;
Justinian and the Nike riots;
The Byzantine achievement;
The enduring legacy of Byzantium;
Theodora and the politics of sex;
The character of Pope Vigilius;
European art in the sixth century;
The Achievements of Pope Gregory I;
The Greatness of Charlemagne
Pagan gods of the Anglo-Saxons;
Aethelraed's unhappy reign;
The Battle of Maldon;
Cnut, the viking king of England;
The viking discovery of America;
Religious beliefs and rituals of the Vikings;
Medieval The Murder of Thomas Becket;
Richard de Clare, a True Vassal;
The Canossa Submission, 1077;
Hildegard of Bingen;
1066 and After;
The Norman Conquest of Sicily;
The Battle of Manzikert;
On the Alexiad of Anna Comnena;
Pope Urban and the First Crusade;
Peter the Hermit and the First Crusade;
Stephen's Claim to the Throne;
Eleanor of Aquitaine, a 'Foolish Woman'?
The Failure of the Second Crusade;
The Children's Crusade?
The Reputation of Richard the Lionheart;
The Glorification of Richard I;
The Career of Saladin;
Saladin and the Horns of Hattin;
Italy and the Crusades
The Reign of King John;
The Incompetence of King John;
The Papacy of Innocent III;
The Reputation of Freidrich II
The Rebellion of Simon de Montfort
Medieval Anguillara
Dante’s 'love' for Beatrice;
Significance of the Stirrup in Medieval Warfare;
The Teutonic Order;
The Limitations of Medieval Medicine;
Changing Views of Witchcraft in Canon Law;
Commerce in Europe, 1000-1200 AD;
Making Sense of the Black Death;
The plight of the Jews in a time of plague;
Intellectual Activity in the High Middle Ages;

RenaissanceLorenzo de Medici and the Peace of Italy;
The Renaissance life of Lucrezia Borgia;
Lucrezia Borgia, a new assessment;
The Scandalous Reputation of Pope Alexander VI;
Caterina Sforza and the Defence of Forli;
The Public Perception of Isabella d'Este
Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick;
Henry Tudor's victory at Bosworth;
Niccolo Tartaglia and the Cubic Equation;
15th Century Spanish and Portuguese Exploration;
Columbus, governor of the new world;
The Achievements of the Florentine Renaissance
Spanish Power in the 16th Century;
The Birth of English Literature;
The Career and Trial of Thomas More
The Suppression of Glastonbury Abbey;
On the Death of Edward VI
Sofonisba Anguissola;
The Policies of Catherine of Aragon and Mary Tudor;
The Political Skill of Elizabeth I
The Portuguese Discovery of Australia;
Don Quixote and the Decline of Spain;
Modern Peter I and Catherine II
James Cook in perspective;
How Britain Lost Thirteen Colonies;
The Boston Massacre;
The Second Continental Congress;
The Cahiers de Doleances of 1789
Elizabeth Guise, a Canberra pioneer;
The Myall Creek Massacre and Its Legacy
The Boxer Rebellion;
The Great Debate;
The Great War and the Russian Revolution;
Revolution and Power;
The Mechanization of Warfare;
The Achievements of John Monash
The Necessity of the New Economic Policy;
A History of the Bouzouki and its Music;
The Barcelona May Days;
The Rape of Nanking;
The Road to Auschwitz;
Battle of Stalingrad: The Turning Point;
Japan's War with the United States;
Curtin, Churchill and Australian Foreign Policy;
The Significance of Kokoda;
Did Japan Intend to Invade Australia?
An Australian Soldier in Sicily 1943.
3 Commando at Malati Bridge, 1943
The Causes of the Cold War;
Letter From West Berlin;
The Partition of India;
The Story of Partition;
Maoism and classical Marxism;
The Chinese Communist Party's Seizure of Power;

Contemporary The Prelude to Petrov
Menzies and the Petrov Affair;
US Intervention in Vietnam;
Idealism, Self-Interest and the Vietnam War;
The Politics of Che Guevara;
Education Under Castro;
An Assessment of the Cuban Revolution;
The Significance of Black September;
Anwar Sadat and the Yom Kippur War;
The Consequences of the Yom Kippur War;
The 1981 Irish Republican Hunger Strikes;
The First Intifada;
The Appeal of Hamas;
The PLO and the Gulf War;
The Causes of Conflict in the Holy Land;
Obstacles to Peace in Israel-Palestine;
The Origins of the ICC;
The Path of Independence in North Africa;
The Role of Oil in US Foreign Policy;
The Military-Industrial complex and the Iraq wars;
The Failure of Contemporary Western Aid