Issues and Conflicts in the Modern World

Dickson College, Semester 2, 2012

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Issues and Conflicts in the Modern World on Clio

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Week 1 (23 - 27 July)

Monday: the Treaty of Westphalia was introduced. Reading given out. Discussion.

Seminar Assignment given out.
Wednesday: This is what we worked on.

Thursday: Completed activities and discussion from previous lesson.

Week 2 (30 July - 3 August)

Monday: in N37 to begin reserach for seminar topic. Ensure you have a bibliography page made up in Word Document.

Wednesday: Lecture by Dr. Jason Flanagan on problem in conceptualising a war on terror.

Thursday: N37 for research.

Week 3 (6 - 10 August)

Monday: N 37 for research.

Wednesday: first lesson we worked on scenarios which might be considered terrorism or not, then after lunch a lecture from Prof. Clive Williams on various aspects of Terrorism and some of the machines employed in anti-terrorism.

Thursday: N37 research.

Week 4 (13 - 17 August)

Monday: N37 research.

Wednesday: N37 Research and checking of notes so far.
Second lesson- talk by Andrea: " Pakistan: The Frontline in the War on Terror?"
Thursday: Moderation Day (no classes)

Week 5 (20 - 24 August)

Monday: Final week of research in the lab.



Week 6 (27 - 31 August)

Monday: Seminars begin.

Wednesday: Sample test questions handed out.


Week 7 (3 - 7 September)

Monday: Seminars continue. Major essay assignment given.
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Wednesday: Year 11s only seminars continue
Thursday: Year 11 AST Trial. Class as per normal for Year 12 students and A students

Week 8 (10 - 14 September)

Monday: Revision for test.

Wednesday: Critical Test 25 %

Thursday: Seminar, then looking at the Patriot Act 2001.

Week 9 (17 - 21 September)

Monday: remaining seminars & discussion about the Patriot Act.

Wednesday: Completed Patriot Act discussion. We began on the Arab-Israeli conflict- Lesson I.

Thursday: Lesson I from above continued.

Parent-Teacher Evening, Thursday 20th of September, Dickson College Hall

Week 10 (24 - 28 September)

Monday: Complete discussion and exercises from Lesson I from last week.

Wednesday: View film: Paradise Now

Thursday: discussion of film.

Teaching break: October 1 - October 12

Week 11 (15 - 19 October)

Monday: Lesson 2 handout.
Wednesday: Watched Jerusalem. Lesson 3 readings given out.
Thursday: discussed topics & essay. Document pack given out for the Yom Kippur War. (see below Thursday week 12)

Week 12 (22 - 26 October)


Wednesday: lesson one we finished the PowerPoint. Lesson 2 we watched Twentieth Century Battlefields: The Middle East. (On YouTube).

Thursday: We will begin looking at the documents in the booklet I gave out last week.
We got up to Source B.

Week 13 (29 October - 2 November)

Monday: Continued discussion of Sources B-G.
Wednesday: Document Test 25 %

Thursday: Lesson 4 Readings

Week 14 (5 - 9 November)

Monday: I was absent -no class.

Wednesday: Lesson One- We read the first article from and discussed it.
Lesson Two- We watched various YouTube videos about the treatment of Palestinians at checkpoints in Israel.

Thursday: We finished reading & discussing the articles from Some pointers given regarding the essay question: need for use of primary source materials and that the second part of the essay needs a section of its own.

Week 15 (12 - 16 November)

Monday: Major Essay due 25 % Reading handed out. We began by looking at obstacles to peace.

Wednesday: Viewing of film: The Lemon Tree.

Thursday: We discussed the film, then continued with reading about the effects of the separation wall on Jerusalem.

Week 16 (19 - 23 November)


Wednesday: Cross-line testing begins.n