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International Relations Since 1945

Dickson College, Semester 2, 2011


the day they tried to ban communism

BSSS Course Document

Unit bibliography

Related Essays on Clio:Maoism and Classical Marxism
James Batchelor, Dickson College, 2009

The Chinese Communist Party's Seizure of Power
Lindsay Nailer, Dickson College, 2009

The Prelude to Petrov
John Greenwell, 2011

Menzies and the Petrov Affair
Francis Neely, Narrabundah College, 2010

US Intervention in Vietnam
Ursula Cliff, Dickson College, 2010

Idealism, Self-Interest and the Vietnam War
Hannah Walker, Dickson College, 2010

Assessing Che Guevara
Alison Darby, Dickson College, 2008

Education Under Castro
Lindsay Nailer, Dickson College, 2009

The Role of Oil in US Foreign Policy
Deb Mak, Dickson College, 2009

The Military-Industrial complex and the Iraq wars
Lauren George, Dickson College, 2008

US media coverage of the war in Iraq
Alison Darby, Dickson College, 2008

The Origins of the ICC
Kari Pahlman, Dickson College, 2009