Revolutions in the Modern World

Dickson College, Semester 1, 2011

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Document Test

These are the documents the test will be on:
Cahier of the Third Estate of Carcassone
The Tennis Court Oath
Abolition of Feudalism
Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen
The Civil Constitution of the Clergy

Robespierre "On Political Morality", 5 February 1794

CLICK HERE for Oral Presentation ResourcesThe DC Library History Page (Heaps of useful links)ABC-CLIO: American History (see Tom or the librarians for the username and password)

Mubarak Resigns !!!
Protesters celebrate Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak's resignation (Reuters : Suhaib Salem)

Although we won't be studying the Arab revolutions in class, I encourage you to take an interest - not least because it provides an insight into the nature and causes of political revolutions generally. Al Jazeera English and Real Clear World are two good places to find out more.
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Important DatesFeb 24: 'Meet the Teacher' evening
March 10: Short Answer Test (20%)
March 28: Oral Presentations Begin (25%)
April 7: Parent-Teacher Night
June 1: Document Test (25%)
June 17: Draft research essay due
June 24: Research essay due (30%)

Modern Revolutions on ClioThe Second Continental Congress
The Cahiers de Doleances of 1789
The Boxer Rebellion
Maoism and Classical Marxism
The Chinese Communist Party's Seizure of Power
Assessing Che Guevara
Education Under Castro

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