The Roman Republic

Dickson College, Semester 1, 2011

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Document Test Tuesday Week 18

Today (20/6) I distributed the document pack for the test tomorrow. You are permitted to make notes on the document pack and bring it into the test. In addition, you are allowed to bring in one on-sided A4 page of notes. In class today, we read through and discussed each document. Use Bradley (Chapters 13 - 15) to ensure you understand what each document means and why it is significant. You should take note of Bradley's comments on the reliability of each of the sources.

Oral Presentation Research ResourcesAncient History section of the DC Library History page.

ABC-CLIO is a great database that Dickson College students can access from the DC Library History page. Talk to Tom or the librarians to get the password.

The ACT Library is useful, particularly its e-resources section. Find out how to join here.

The National Library is another research avenue, including its e-resources section.

Essay ResourcesQ1) Objectives in the First Punic War: sources
Q2) The creation of a navy: sources
Q3) Hannibal: sources
Guide to Grammar & Writing
Textual references
Reference generator - Harvard system
Inserting quotes into essays
How to write a bibliography
The complete guide to Harvard Referencing
See the PPT on annotated bibliographies

The Roman Republic on ClioThe Etruscans, Deb Mak, 2009
Identifying the Etruscans, Jack Percival, 2008
The Military Reforms of Caius Marius,
Oscar Vancea, 2007
Sulla and Marius, Duncan Grey, 2009
The Roman Theatre, Ursula Cliff, 2009
The Assassination of Caesar, Duncan Grey, 2009
The Achievements of Augustus Caesar,
Frazer Brown, 2009
Augustus and Propaganda, Nick Ewbank, 2010
Interview on 'Augustus and Propaganda',
Nick Ewbank with John Hood, 2010
Important DocumentsPresentation Schedule

Unit Outline
DC Student Calendar
Course Document
History Course Framework
BSSS Policy & Procedures Manual 2011

Important DatesFeb 24: 'Meet the Teacher' evening
March 10: Short Answer Test (20%)
April 7: Parent-Teacher Night
April 14: Draft Research Essay Due
May 3: Research Essay Due (30%)
May 16: Oral Presentations, Weeks 13 - 17 (25%)
June 21: Document Test (25%)

Tom's Contact
Humanities Faculty, 62056480

Links Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Links of interest to classicists and Mediterranean archaeologists
some maps of the Roman Empire
Forum Romanum, David Camden, 2009
Perseus Digital Library
Etrusia - Roman History
'In Our Time' Melvyn Bragg, BBC Radio 4
The Roman Republic Richard Hooker
UNRV History
Government under the Roman Republic
Cursus Honorum
The Roman Republic, Frank Smitha Wars of the Roman Republic, N.S. Gill,