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General Resources
Internet Modern History Sourcebook|

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

Internet Medieval Sourcebook
The Internet History Sourcebooks Project is hosted by Fordham University, a Jesuit university in New York. Edited by Paul Halsall, the sourcebooks project began in 1996 and provides very extensive linked lists of source materials that can be accessed online.
Perseus Digital Library
The Perseus Digital Library is edited by Geoffrey R. Crane at Tufts University in Massachussets. While its initial focus was Greek and Roman materials and this remains its strong point, it has expanded beyond this to incorporate texts related to the Renaissance as well as more modern history.
BBC History

Year 7

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Year 10

Introduction & Overview
Introduction and Overview
Introduction and Overview
Introduction and Overview
Ancient Greece
The Vikings, c.790 – c.1066)
Progressive ideas and movements
(1750 – 1918)
World War II (1939-45)

Ancient Egypt
Renaissance Italy, c.1400 – c.1600)
The Industrial Revolution
(1750 – 1914)
Rights and freedoms (1945 – the present)
Ancient Rome
Edited by Lisette Robey
Medieval Europe, (c.590 – c.1500)
Movement of peoples (1750 – 1901)
Popular culture (1954 – present)

The Ottoman Empire, (c.1299 – c.1683)
Asia and the world
The environment movement
(1960s – present)
Ancient China
Angkor/Khmer Empire, (c.802 – c.1327)
Edited by Lisette Robey
Making a nation
Migration experiences (1945 – present)

Shogunate Japan, (c.794 – 1867)
World War I (1914-1918)

The Polynesian expansion across the Pacific, (c.700 – 1756)]]

Mongol Expansion, c.1206 – c.1368)

The Spanish Conquest of the Americas (c.1492 – c.1572)

The Black Death in Asia, Europe and Africa (14th century plague)zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies History Curriculum

Ancient History
Medieval History
Modern History
Modern History
The Emergence of Humans
The Dark Ages
(Edited by Arthika Prasad)
Revolutions in the Modern World

Edited by Ben Williams
America Ascendant: The USA from 1900
Emergence of Human Culture
The High Middle Ages
Britain in the Victorian Age
Foundations of the United States
The Land of the Pharaohs
Challengers from the East and Crusaders
The Great War

Edited by Nick Carey
The United States: The New Nation
Ancient Mediterranean and Mesopotamia
Edited by Tom Greenwell
The Renaissance
(Christine Mya)
War in the Modern World
India in the Modern Era
Greece to the Persian Wars
Death, Discovery and Renaissance
Australian Migrations
Russia in the Modern World
(Edited by Carol Green)
Athens to Alexander
Edited by John Hood
Robin Hood, King Arthur and Romance
Australia: Transition to Nationhood
Power, Politics and Ideology
The Roman Republic

Edited by Nick Ewbank
Blood, Lust and Persecution
Australia in the Modern World
Struggles for Independence
(Edited by Christine Mya)
The Roman Empire
Edited by John Hood
Dragon Lords and Sacred Warriors
Lairs, Louts, Lasses and Larrikins
Liberators and Revolutionaries
Edited by Chris Kenna
The Roman Revolution – Pompey to Augustus
Shang to Tang Dynasty
International Relations: 1870 to 1945
(Edited by Carol Green)
The Native and African American Experience
Heroism to Hellenism - Ancient Greece
Indus Valley Civilization to Pataliputra
Germany from Republic to Reich
Edited by Carol Green and Hilary Brettell
Modern China Manchu to Mao
Edited by Hilary Brettell
Latin Civilization


Modern Japan –
From Tokugawa to Today
Conflict and Issues in the Modern World
Lingua Latine

Manifest Destiny: The USA to 1900
International Relations:
1945 to Present
Edited by Christine Mya

Dictatorships in the Modern World
The Cold War

The USA: A World Power
The Modern Middle East
Edited by Tom Greenwell

USA: Changing Perspectives since WW II
The Killing Fields
Conflict in Indochina

The Sixties
Encounters with the West

Economic History
Edited by Nick Carey-Ide


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