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What did people wear in the 1920s?

The 1920s in America were times of great change. After the horror of the First World War, people wanted to enjoy themselves. Many things changed. Women gained the right to vote. Electric power and light was connected to homes. More and more people were able to buy a motor car. Roads were improved. Most people became richer and their lives became more comfortable.

Even the clothes that people wore began to change.

In the early 20s women began to wear short skirts with low waistlines.

By 1925, women began to wear dresses without waistlines. The dresses had a long straight shape.


By 1926, women began to wear dresses that were much shorter and sometimes showed their knees. Women who dressed in modern clothes were called 'flappers'. This word meant a young modern woman who went out on dates without a chaperone, wore modern clothes, wore make-up, possibly had a job, and had 'bobbed hair'.

Bobbed Hair Women began to cut their hair very short. This was called 'bob hair'. Many people thought it was wrong for a young woman to have short hair. Newspapers had jokes, stories and cartoons about bobbed hair.
Many people today think that this picture is a good example of a flapper.

Women with bobbed hair also wore a 'cloche' hat. This is a picture of a 'cloche' hat

Late Twenties As the decade reached its end in 1929, fashion started to change again. Dresses became longer and waist lines began to reappear.
The fashions we regard as 'the Flapper look' only lasted about 3 years, from 1925 to 1928. By 1928 women's clothes had changed, but the look of the Flapper lives on in people's memories.
From: Christy's Fashion Pages

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