Medieval History:

Ursula Cliff:
Italy and the Crusades

Ruqiyah Patel:
The Children's Crusade?

Merredy Jackson:
The Glorification of Richard I

Sandra Pantic:
The Greatness of Charlemagne
Modern History:

Caitlin McAnulty:
The Great Debate

Duncan Grey:
Did Japan Intend to Invade Australia?

Duncan Grey:
The Achievements of General John Monash
Contemporary History:

Francis Neely: Menzies and the Petrov Affair

Gemma Matheson:
The Significance of Black September

Ursula Cliff: The Appeal of Hamas

Duncan Grey: Anwar Sadat and the Yom Kippur War

Arlette Regan:
The Consequences of the Yom Kippur War

Xander Byng: The First Intifada

Tom Hermes:
The PLO and the Gulf War

Hannah Walker: Idealism, Self-Interest and the Vietnam War

Ursula Cliff:
US Intervention in Vietnam
Contributions by Teachers:

Nick Ewbank:
Augustus and Propaganda

John Greenwell:
The Prelude to Petrov